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Men’s jewelry to make a lasting impression!

Have you ever been perplexed while you were strolling around the mall and see a handsome hunk in his casual pajamas, wearing jewelry like it is a wedding and still looking super hot? Welcome to the new age normal of men’s compos mentis fashion. Gone are the days when men simply step out of the home in a casual shirt […]

Stand out from the crowd!

Do you have a friend’s or a relative’s wedding in this covid period? Are you confused on what to wear for the wedding? Are you stuck in the lockdown and not being able to go on a shopping spree. Well then  this blog is for you to stand out from the crowd. Hi I’m Supriya Kothari and today we are […]

How to chose a perfect shirt

On an off day, you are just passing around the market to buy a perfect shirt for yourself and this hoarding of buy 2 and get 1 free catches your attention. You storm into the store like its an offer for life and return back home with a huge bag like you have just won a lottery.Next morning you put […]