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7 Effortless indoor activities for kids to reduce screen time!

7 Effortless indoor activities for kids to reduce screen time!

As Schools are shut during the Covid- 19 pandemic and the stress of online classes taking a toll on children and parents, raising  a kid has become a tedious job.

With the kids getting bored and wanting to storm out of the home, here is a list of 7 effortless indoor activities for kids with which you can involve the kids to stay at home and also get them to learn via practical approach.

It is important for us to understand as parents that every kid learns at their own pace and have different interests. Let the child learn the basics in the first place as this pandemic has taken a toll on them too.

To understand further the risk of excessive screen time you can read this article.

With limitations on travelling to not able to meet their friends, kids also have their set of uncertain and irritable moments.

So lets frame our mind today to not to pressurize the kids with our expectations and let them learn and grow with positivity.

Make the best of the worst times and spend quality time with your young one’s and let their childhood be a memorable one.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Entertain your kids for a couple of hours with Indoor treasure hunt, give them clues in chits of paper inside envelopes, a la “The Amazing Race,” and hide couple of things in places with varying degrees of difficulty to find. You can even have a grand prize for the child who finds everything first.

Let the child explore and understand the concept of finding things for themselves, this will make the child independent and think broad in the long run they will be able to take care of their belongs on their own. Nurturing values of keeping their belongings at the right place.

Snow Bowling

Arrange the used water bottle or cola bottle or any waste plastic bottle for that matter and fill it with half of water and let the child strike a ball from a distance. This can be a very fun way to teach kids about numbers and addition.

You can also teach the child on focusing the target and how planning prior to taking action helps in achieving results. Keep a check on scores and motivate the child to strike at the right place to hit the bottles effectively.

Paper boats

We all remember how our childhood has sweet memories of the rain and paper boats.

Let the child also experience the same

.Teach the child on how to make paper boats and help the child sail the boat in a tub of water. Paper Boat making will help the child develop hand-eye coordination and broaden his world of imagination.

Also let them have all the fun.

DIY Doll House

You might have realized if your little one loves dolls by now. If they do then this one is going to be their favorite.

Make a dollhouse out of a shoe box. If you want to make it a stack maybe you can connect multiple boxes to create a doll mansion.

Guide the kid to paint the boxes all the way with their favorite colors and let them make few fun combinations. Let them stick stones, pearls or laces and create a dream home for their cute doll.

With this practice the child will be able to think creative and explore colors.

And by the way if your lad is least interested in dolls like mine, you can go ahead and create a car parking. The main motive is to let them explore their interests and bring out the creativity.

Balloon Badminton

This activity is ideal for some sport minded kids in the house.

A perfect break for them to relieve their online classes stress and get some action.

Ideal of you can play it on terrace of your house as this may require some movement to run  around.

To make the bats, use popsicle sticks or any other sticks available in your house for that matter and stick to a piece if chart paper or a thin cardboard.

You can use ballons or soft smiley balls as a birdie.

Through this game, the child can develop hand-eye coordination and also the motor skills.

Junior Master Chef

Yeah you can call your child that way and motivate them to help you along as you prepare the breakfast.

Let the child prepare food that does not require fire.

Ask your child what he is going to make today and let him come out with an answer which will ideally help his mind cross dimensions.

Give simple task to your child like assembling a sandwich, washing the vegetables or roll a roti(let it be horrible, that’s ok!)  .

This will make the child feel involved and also take this opportunity to explain what the vegetables and fruits do to our body.

Explain the difference in junk and healthy food along way.

Cricket Champ

We as Indians have always loved cricket and have fond memories of cheering our team sitting in front of the T.V. along with our parents.

Though our children’s love cricket they have no possibility of learning it in Covid-19 era.

The best thing you can do for a cricket savvy child is to create a practice net inside the house.

Tie a rope according to the height of the child from the ceiling and towards the end tie soft ball. Make sure this is done in a spacious room with limited things around or preferably a balcony.

Let the child hit the ball with a wooden scale or a rolling pin.

This helps the child to develop gross motor skills and get some action during the day

However you plan to teach and engage your child to come out of the virtual world, remember never to let out any frustrations, guilt or expectation, pressure up the child.

Also you can try out this fabulous Science kit available on soap making , to get the kid involved in innovation. Click on this link to make a purchase.

For a better understanding on effective mindset to deal with kids, you can go ahead and read this blog post.

Your child will definitely grow into an excellent human being since they have inspiring and motivating parents like you around.

What are the exciting ideas you are going to take away from here for your li’l one ?

If you liked my ideas on how to engage the child with indoor activities let me know in the comments.

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