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5 Tips to select a makeup artist for your blissful wedding!

5 Tips to select a makeup artist for your blissful wedding!

If setting up a wedding date has been a herculean task then get ready for the rest of wedding preparations.

To help you precisely, this piece of information is a must read!

Have you been really confused on whom to book for your bridal makeup?

Alright then you are in the right place so let me go ahead and help you understanding the factors to look for before booking your wedding day makeup artist.

When Should I Start Looking For a Makeup Artist (MUA)?

You need to start looking out for your makeup artist right after your wedding date is fixed to avoid last minute hassles. And if you’re looking to book a top MUA, then you might want to start well  in advance.

5 Things to look for before short listing your makeup artist for the day

Like we all girls have this over the moon dreams for our wedding. From all the glitz and paparazzi to high drama events all this have been a part of our traditional Indian weddings.

But the testing times have made us sit back with small gatherings to minimum functions the charm has been lost somewhere but still there is a lot for the bride and the groom to prepare themselves to.

And one such aspect for the brides is selecting your makeup artist.

Here is a list of things you need to consider before finalizing on your makeup artist.


1. How long will you need this make up for?

Now, this is one significant thing in these times as the duration have been reduced and with brides opting for minimal soft make up this should be one of the deciding factors.  You may not need a long stay make up as we used to do earlier where a day’s function would go on and on for hours.

With small gatherings , too loud and bold make up is a strict no-no. Opt for something which makes you stand out yet look subtle and ravishing.

2. How trial makeup helps?

Make sure you have well informed your makeup artist about all the functions and take a trial make up if you’re still in a fix on deciding the artist.

A trial make up helps a long way in understanding the artist and giving a clear view of what you want. The more you are confident about your final look the more it will be easier for the artist.

Few makeup artists charge a minimum amount for a trial. Spending a few bucks here will be worth to be sure.

Do check on how many functions are permitted for the wedding and with which each function you might want to carry a different look in accordance to the theme of the function.

Have good communication and terms with them so they remain flexible and adjust accordingly.

3. Follow top MUA on Social Media to know current trends

If you have finalized your wedding attire it will get easier to shortlist your makeup artist.

There are a few key points to remember when making this decision. Firstly, check out the websites and portfolios of the well-known and reputed bridal makeup artists which showcase their works. 

Also check the work of the makeup artist on social media handles and that will help you to understand on the kind of look you want for your wedding.

Take in consideration the kind of hairstyles you will want for every occasion.

Pick a different look for each custom like mehendi, haldi ,sangeet,etc.  and check if your makeup artist can justify it.

4. Fix a budget

With a lot of options for makeup artist these days it gets quite trickier on short listing one. After you have fixed up the above mentioned points it’s important to also look at the price to be paid for the makeup.


Whilst you shortlist also consider the travelling and outstation charges charged by your makeup artist.

Makeup artists charge anywhere between the least (interns) to being exorbitant and you will not want to spend a huge part of your wedding budget on the makeup alone so the best you can do is once you have fixed up the wedding dates make a small list of makeup artist you may consider and follow them on social media handles to finalize one which comes under your budget.

5. Discounts and advance deposits

With the uncertainty and the government regulations changing from time to time it is highly recommended to check with mua regarding the flexibility of changes in date and venues before paying the advance.

You can ask for discounts but never really expect much on this as every industry is going through hard times and so is for them.

Once you have finalized your makeup artist, its best to meet them personally. Meeting them would give you a good sense of their personality, their style of work and also help you understand how comfortable you will be having them in close confines with you on your wedding day.

And now that you have made you mind to book them, make sure you also let them know if you have any friend or a family member who will also need their services so that the makeup artist can plan ahead and keep the resources available with them.

Sitting in a chair and getting pampered helps you totally relax so that you can focus on walking down the aisle.

While you get ready to take stunning pictures and selfie’s on your big day, don’t forget to thank the person behind the scenes and yeah! let the day bring you the best of memories for life.

And here is a piece of information for you to stay fit and healthy during the wedding. Go ahead and read this article for further understanding.

Also make sure you comply with Covid-19 guidelines and follow the covid- 19 protocols to stay safe.


Did you find some great insights on deciding your bridal makeup artist in this blog? How are you implementing them for your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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