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Men’s jewelry to make a lasting impression!

Men’s jewelry to make a lasting impression!

Have you ever been perplexed while you were strolling around the mall and see a handsome hunk in his casual pajamas, wearing jewelry like it is a wedding and still looking super hot?

Welcome to the new age normal of men’s compos mentis fashion.

Gone are the days when men simply step out of the home in a casual shirt paired with pieces of denim and shoes. Times are changing, having said that men are experimenting a lot, at par with women in terms of fashion.

From grooming with a self-care routine to sporting makeup, men are leading an out-of-the-box lifestyle.
Men’s wardrobe is now filling up with not just clothes and shoes but jewelry and accessories, which till now has been a woman’s best friend.
Men’s fashion has got a tremendous change over time and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is by far the quickly transforming fashion arena.
With this newfound love, and if you are a beginner let’s get started to understand how to rock a piece of jewelry with swag.

So here is a list of jewelry, you can pair the next time you step out

  • Earings
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Cufflinks
  • Chains


Your guide to understanding men’s jewelry

1. Dress up sensibly

Whatever kind of jewelry you are planning to wear, make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.
It is important to have an understanding of the kind of gathering you are going to be a part of. You cant simply dress up as a hot hunk when you are in a family get-together along with elders in your family.
At the same time, being a simple nice guy may not justify your look at a Saturday night party. So stay sensible and be comfortable with what you wear.

2. Balance your jewelry

While you plan to wear jewelry don’t overdo it like the pulling guys. Have some instincts of what’s looking good on you. You cant simply wear rings on all your fingers. Likewise, necklaces are still a no-no (except for you are a careless geek about your look)

Make it elegant and pretty let it pair well with your outfit and you look handsome enough to make a mark in the minds of people.

3. Style like a pro

The piece of jewelry that you wear should talk about your style quotient. Accessories need to be worn properly and not solely to catch eyes. Don’t pair leather and metal all at the same time.

Remember to keep it subtle. Abstain from going for anything that gives a fallacious sense.

4. Confidence is the ultimate goal

When trying anything new we are prone to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. You may not feel very confident initially but that’s okay, with time you will get used to it.

A better understanding of the products and the quality will help you in the long run. Over some time, you will be confident about your look after trying and testing a few times.


Understanding How not to overdo the jewelry look

        • Remember the mantra- less is more!
        • Make sense with what you wear
        • The key to a masculine look is moderation
        • Accessories are to uplift your look and not otherwise
        • Be known for fashion statements and not a faux pas
        • Not everyone can make an impact like Bappi lehri
        • Be yourself and understand fashion is commonsense!


Did you find some great understanding on how to pair your jewelry in this blog? How are you implementing them? Let us know in the comments.

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