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Stand out from the crowd!

Stand out from the crowd!

Do you have a friend’s or a relative’s wedding in this covid period?

Are you confused on what to wear for the wedding?

Are you stuck in the lockdown and not being able to go on a shopping spree.

Well then  this blog is for you to stand out from the crowd.

Hi I’m Supriya Kothari and today we are here in a men’s apparel store to check out ‘what’s in’ for this season.

We are today going to discuss 5 different styles

Of party wear for men, which you can carry with ease and which are also not heavy on the pocket.

So let’s get started.

Style 1

Velvet Blazer

Velvet is back in town and this time around with a  huge bang. This can be paired with a Chinese collared shirt and Chinos or with a T-shirt and Jeans.

There are a lot of color options which can be paired with your spouse’s outfit.  This kind of blazer may not be ideal if you have to wear it through out the day, better when opted for shorter durations. But having said that this is by far the most attractive and economical blazer in trend now.

Wash and Care

This fabric can attract dust particles and may require gentle wash. Do not Iron Product.

Price range

This will cost you anywhere between Rs. 750-900.

Style 2

Kurta Pyjama

The ever green kurta set for men’s have got even trendier with a whole lot of options with the cuts and designs. These are ideally the best choice for a comfortable day wear. Easy to adjust with the size and goes well with any kind of skin tone.

With the likes of ranveer sing sporting this style, it has easily become a hot pick of the season.


Wash and care

Fabric requires gentle wash. Starch and Iron recommended.

Price range

This will cost you anywhere between Rs. 500-1500.

Style 3

Chic boy

Now if you are the one who really can carry funkier styles with attitude and stand out of the crowd then this one is undoubtedly your best pick.  Without having to spend much and with small gatherings around this lockdown period, this can make you look unique.

Pair it with your choice of pant and shirt and you are good to go.

Make sure to go with a plain cotton shirt to highlight your suspender and bow.


Wash and care

Washing not advised.

Price range

Suspender-  Rs. 150-550.

Bow – Rs. 100-350.

Style 4


 Waist coat

A gentle man’s dress code, a waist code has always made a mark when carried with the best accessories like this one in the video.

Pair it with a contrasting shirt and it looks great on any body type. A bow or a tie can complement the entire look to a different level altogether.

This look is ideal for summer when you want to wear to minimal yet look ravishing.

This has size adjuster in the back so ideal for even + size.


Wash and care

Fabric requires gentle wash. Steam Iron if requied.

Price range

This will cost you anywhere between Rs. 350-800.

Style 5

Casual Blazer

If you are looking for a stand out blazer to go for, the this is the best option. Comes with a variety of colour and pattern options, this enhances your overall  look. You can also use it further in any formal sittings as this is ideal for all the occasions.

Pair it with denims to go casual or with pants for a formal look.


Wash and care

Dry clean and steam iron. This should not be washed in washing machine.

Price range

These blazers can cost you between Rs. 1600-1800.

Its good to look good but Most important is to feel good to stand out from the crowd. So take care of your health along with the being a fashionista with this article on plant based diet foods. Never  over do your look, keep it unique and figure out what works best for you rather then insanely falling for the trends.

Now that you are all set to rock the stage make sure you wear a contrasting and stylish mask to compliment your look further.

Also remember to maintain social distancing and wash hands frequently to stay safe.

Did you find some great styles of your own in this blog? What are the exciting ideas you are going to take away from here for your dear ones wedding ? Let me know in the comments.

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